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When you look at the issues that impact the health & welfare of America’s youth, the statistics are nothing short of staggering:
Experts estimate that 2.4 million adolescents and teenagers need – but are not receiving – treatment for a problem with alcohol or another drug.
In the past year, 2.1 million young people had at least one major depressive episode (and more than 1.3 million didn’t receive any treatment)
In the past 30 days, 2.6 million adolescents and teenagers abused an illicit drug – and 48 percent of U.S. high school students will abuse an illicit substance before they graduate.
By the end of the day today, more than 750 young people will attempt to kill themselves – and 13 of these troubled souls will succeed.
Clearly, these are overwhelming statistics. And we haven’t even talked about the hundreds of thousands of other teens who are struggling with eating disorders, self-injury, bipolar disorder, overweight and obesity, learning disabilities, and myriad other life-threatening issues and conditions.

The question, of course, is a simple one: How do we save millions of children, adolescents, and teens?

The answer is just as simple: We don’t

The way to end this epidemic of pain and despair isn’t to focus on millions … or thousands … or hundreds.
The answer to this challenge is found in the Power of One.

When one adolescent gets the help she needs to stop starving herself, we transform her future from a life of self-hatred to a world of bright possibility.

When one depressed teen gets the counseling he needs, we stop a suicide attempt, and prevent a family from falling apart.
When one struggling student gets the help that stops him from giving up on school, we reduce the risk that he’ll deal with his frustrations by turning to alcohol, or drugs, or other dangerous behaviors.

In each of these cases, we don’t only put teens back on the right path, but we enable them to become caring friends, loving spouses, and effective parents.

When we save one teenager, we save generations.

And when we save generations, we save the world.

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