Aspen Education Group Featured on Seven Dr. Phil Shows in 2012-13 Season!

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Aspen Education Group was featured on seven separate Dr. Phil shows in the 2012-13 season, including:

Brutal Beauties: The Trouble with Tiffani - Levi and Bob say their once-perfect, honor roll student, Tiffani, has changed into someone they don’t know, and she is terrorizing the family. Dr. Phil takes a look into their family dynamics. How might Bob and Levi be contributing to Tiffani’s recklessness? Plus, hear from Tiffani. You may be surprised to hear why she says she acts out.  Features Turn-About Ranch

Little Miss Attitude! – Dr. Phil speaks with two moms who are at the end of their rope with their teen daughters. Renae says her 14-year-old daughter, Amanda, is angry, rebellious and violent. How did it happen? And, can she calm the chaos? Then, Courtney says she can’t control her defiant, eye-rolling 16-year-old, Sabby’s bad attitude. Can Dr. Phil get through to this tough teen? If you are having a difficult time raising your teen, don’t miss this Dr. PhilFeatures Turn-About Ranch

Daughter Drama - Julie and Mike say that their 16-year-old daughter, Brooke, may look sweet and innocent, but she’s really an out-of-control teen who fights, runs away from home, shoplifts and dates older men. And, meet Jody, an admitted alcoholic and anorexic. Can Dr. Phil save these two from themselves? Features SUWS of the Carolinas

Ferocious Teens - Two moms say their 13-year-old daughters are completely out of control and turn to Dr. Phil for help. Can they learn to rein in their troubled teens? And, what’s at the source of the girls’ violent outbursts? Features SUWS Youth and SUWS Seasons

Young, Online and Out of ControlTerri says she trusted and thought she knew her 15-year-old daughter, Sierra — who she believed was a popular teen, earning good grades — until Sierra disappeared and was discovered by police, days later, after witnessing a murder. Terri says she then learned that Sierra had been living a very different life — experimenting with drugs, meeting men online and having sexual relationships with them — many of whom were twice her age. Can Dr. Phil get to the root of Sierra’s behavior? And, what warning signs did Terri miss? If you’re a parent, you can’t afford to miss this show! Features Island View

Gorgeous, Gifted and BrutalFor nearly two years, Clint and Tracy say they’ve been living in constant fear of their 17-year-old daughter, Callie, who they say lashes out at them physically when she doesn’t get her way. Callie says it’s her parents who are to blame for being overly-controlling. Features SUWS

Parenting Disaster: Extreme ExcusesDarcy says that her sister and brother-in-law’s home is in a state of complete chaos — and their four children, ages 8 to 16, are paying the price. With this family in dire need, Dr. Phil has a no-nonsense plan for getting everyone back on track. Features Aspen Education Group

by Kristen Hayes

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