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Six months ago, TV doctor Mehmet Oz challenged Colleen Williams to lose 100 pounds, warning that she would die if she didn’t. At age 31, she weighed 701 pounds. Her blood pressure was a staggering 180/100, and her bones were “crumbling,” Dr. Oz told her.

He’d been working with Williams for about four months. She started strong, he told the audience, losing 34 pounds fast. Then, she ignored his prescription, and dropped just one pound in a month. Dr. Oz warned that unless she changed course, she would have a stroke, that she’d no longer be able to move. She would die.

So he sent her to Structure House, a renowned diet center in Durham, for 30 days and challenged her to lose 100 pounds. With the help of clinical psychologist, Dr. Katie Rickel, and a team of trainers, nutritionists and others, Williams embarked on a healthier, new path.

Her progress was highlighted on Thursday’s edition of “The Dr. Oz Show,” where Williams had astonishing – and inspiring — results to show for six months of work.

She’s down 120 pounds.

Of course, that’s just the start. Her goal, Dr. Oz reminded her, is to weigh no more than 200 pounds — so she’s got almost 400 pounds to go.

Already, Williams said she’s feeling like a new woman. Once dependent on a scooter to get around, she strided confidently onto the stage. She told the audience she had the scooter at the airport, forgot it was there and walked right past it. Her husband and her mother said she was taking responsibility for making healthy choices.

Importantly, Williams told Dr. Oz she no longer thinks of herself as a miserable human being who no one could love — a change she attributed to a four-word message instilled at Structure House: “Thoughts are not facts.”

Her story is powerful. And puts things in perspective for the rest of us.

by Kristen Hayes

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